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Migrate from Azure to AWS

Are you planning to migrate your Azure workloads to the AWS cloud but not sure where to start or how to make it happen?  We can help you with the migration and build your AWS infrastructure following the best practices. Whether you are planning a full migration or adopting a multi-cloud strategy, our experienced AWS Certified Architects use a combination of AWS tooling and services (including the AWS server migration service) alongside our in-house developed discovery capabilities to successfully migrate between clouds.

Moving your workloads to AWS can improve performance and reliability, accelerate innovation, and provide you finer-grained control of your environment. The benefits of migrating from Azure to AWS cloud include


  • Global footprint – AWS has more regions and availability zone around the world than any other cloud provider. This enables businesses to bring content and applications closer to their end-users and improve accessibility and speed.
  • Reduced costs – AWS has reduced costs more than 60 times in the last 12+ years which results in immediate customer savings. Combined with cost optimization methods including Reserved Instances (up to 76% saving) and Spot Instances (up to 90% saving) AWS offers the most cost-effective cloud platform.
  • The breadth of services – AWS has been continually expanding its services to support virtually any cloud workload. Not only AWS has more choices of services, but it also provides the deepest functionality within those services.
  • Seamless integration – AWS offers seamless integration between its services and that makes developers’ life easy when adopting new services. For example, AWS Lambda has 150 native integrations and event sources to fire the service.
  • Partner Ecosystem – AWS has invested a lot more into building their partner ecosystem than any other cloud provider. The AWS marketplace offers thousands of services that are integrated with AWS infrastructure and offer a pay-as-you-go billing model.

Our Approach

At Avahi, we take a phased inclusive approach to cloud migration to ensure smooth adoption across the entire organization.

  • Plan – Collaborate with your team and stakeholders to understand the business objectives and go through the migration assessment process. We will define the workstreams and migration waves if there are multiple applications that need to be migrated.
  • Design – Create AWS Landing Zone architecture to ensure a smooth transition. We follow the best practices as defined by AWS Well-Architected Framework to make sure that your infrastructure meets the business objectives.
  • Analyze – Cost analysis to demonstrate the immediate savings of moving to AWS.
  • Execute – Execution of migration within agreed timelines.
  • Optimize – Post-migration cost optimizations to realized additional savings.
  • Support – On-going support and advice to help you maximize your AWS investment.

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