Application Modernization

Building for Speed and Agility

Our application modernization services help you achieve agility by offloading the undifferentiated pieces, selecting the right tool for the job, and automating everything for speed, consistency, and security.

We’ll evaluate your current application in detail to identify areas for improvement, potential for modernization, and strategies for enhancing performance. This assessment lays the groundwork for actionable insights and a clear path to agility and efficiency in your application portfolio.

Comprehensive Cloud Services for Seamless Application Modernization


Build, deploy, and run applications on the AWS cloud without managing the servers or infrastructure. This enables you to focus on innovation, accelerate time to market, and reduce operational costs. Your team can then concentrate on developing features that differentiate your business rather than worrying about the underlying infrastructure.


Simplify your application deployment and scaling by adopting container technology, allowing you to achieve operational agility, maintain environment consistency across development stages, and ensure rapid recovery in case of failures. This enables your team to rapidly adapt to changes, efficiently manage application lifecycles, and reduce the time to market.

Purpose-Built Database

Enhance your application’s performance and scalability with a database specifically designed for your use case, enabling you to process transactions faster, scale dynamically according to demand, and ensure data accuracy and security.


Develop Smarter, Faster Applications with Avahi

Avahi boosts your competitive edge by automating the provisioning and managing of infrastructure, simplifying your path to innovation. This enables a focus on developing secure, resilient, and elastic applications that are modular, automated, and interoperable.








Transform Your Business with Modern Application Development

Below are some key considerations for us when working on application modernization projects.

  • Security and compliance should be built-in throughout the application lifecycle
  • The application should be structured as a collection of microservices using Domain-Driven Design (DDD)
  • Serverless technologies should be used wherever possible and effective
  • Build CI/CD pipelines to accelerate the delivery of new, high-quality services
  • Automate operations by modeling applications & Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Enable observability to gain insight across resources and applications


Reinvent, modernize, transform
and deploy your applications

Security and Compliance

At Avahi, we prioritize the security and compliance of your applications. We use the latest in encryption, identity management, and compliance frameworks, aligning with industry standards to protect your data and operations while enabling swift development.

Microservice Architecture

Avahi accelerates your shift to microservices, enabling faster development and team autonomy. We offer expertise and tools to decompose large applications into deployable microservices, boosting scalability and innovation with clear team ownership.


Our serverless computing enables your applications to scale automatically without manual resource provisioning. This approach offers a cost-effective, highly available, and secure environment, focusing your efforts on innovation rather than infrastructure management.

Automated Operations

Through Avahi’s CI/CD integration, we automate your development and deployment processes, accelerating delivery times and improving product quality. This continuous approach ensures your operations are efficient and your releases are frequent and reliable.

Infrastructure as Code

Our IaC services seamlessly integrate infrastructure setup with your application development, streamlining changes as code updates. Our expertise simplifies cloud management, boosts deployment speed, and enhances operational efficiency, ensuring infrastructure evolves with your application.

Monitoring and Logging

We implement comprehensive monitoring and logging to enable real-time visibility into your operations, helping to identify and resolve issues quickly. This helps you maintain product quality and provides valuable insights for future enhancements.

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