Building for Speed and Agility

Our application modernization services help you achieve agility by offloading the undifferentiated pieces, selecting the right tool for the job, and automating everything for speed, consistency, and security.


Build, Deploy and run applications on the AWS cloud without managing the servers or infrastructure.


Use containers to enable rapid deployment, patching, and scaling of applications in your development process.

Purpose-Built Database

Use a database designed from the ground up to perform the specific functions quickly and efficiently.


Drive innovation and maximize value from applications

Modern application development gives companies a competitive edge by enabling them to innovate more rapidly. Companies that embrace innovation can iterate more often and quickly bring ideas to market by offloading undifferentiated heavy lifting – such as provisioning and managing infrastructure – to more valuable activities. Modern applications should be








Developing Modern Application Development

Business leaders must adapt their culture, process, and technologies to achieve speed and agility. By using a modern application development framework and the power of the cloud, organizations can increase agility, enable continuous innovation, and achieve faster time to market. Below are some key considerations for us when working on application modernization projects.

  • Security and compliance should be built-in throughout the application lifecycle
  • The application should be structured as a collection of microservices using Domain-Driven Design (DDD)
  • Serverless technologies should be used wherever possible and effective
  • Build CI/CD pipelines to accelerate the delivery of new, high-quality services
  • Automate operations by modeling applications & Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Enable observability to gain insight across resources and applications


Reinvent, modernize, transform
and deploy your applications

We use best industry practices and years of experience in developing modern
applications to help you evaluate whether applications merit microservices
architecture, refactor or build new applications.

Security and Compliance

Our design and build process always starts with security and compliance to address security threats without sacrificing innovation speed.

Microservice Architecture

Breaking down the large application into microservices lets you develop, iterate, and release applications quickly while providing clear ownership to the teams.


Run your application on highly reliable, fault-tolerant, and secure infrastructure that scales to meet the demand without provisioning any resources.

Automated Operations

Innovate quickly and deliver faster by adopting continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) to automate the entire process.

Infrastructure as Code

Model infrastructure as code to incorporate into your application development life cycle and make changes as part of the CI/CD pipeline.

Monitoring and Logging

Enable the monitoring of applications at runtime so your developers can use the data to maintain or enhance products and improve user experience.


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