AWS Cloud Cost Optimization Service

Avahi can dramatically reduce cost of running your cloud infrastructure and optimize overall performance and resource utilization.

Improving performance and reducing cloud costs

Moving from an on-premises environment into an AWS cloud is just the start of the journey towards cloud cost optimization. But if you lift and shift what you have and put it in the cloud without proper planning, you’re not going to like the monthly bills. AWS allows teams to quickly provision infrastructure resources such as compute, database, and storage to enable quick experimentation and innovation. The cost of running these workloads and infrastructure resources in AWS can grow exponentially without the proper governance and controls.

Optimizing cloud costs yourself is not only more expensive but also a massive distraction from your core business. By leveraging our AWS experts for your cloud cost optimization, your team can focus 100% on innovating your core products and services. Our dedicated team of cost analysis experts can help you control your usage, create visibility across all services, and optimize your AWS costs in the cloud.

Without cloud cost optimization, businesses could be overspending by more than 70% in the cloud.

Gartner, Your 90-Day Action Plan to Control Public Cloud Spend, 2019

Take control of your cloud spend

We can rapidly and sustainably reduce your AWS spend. Our solution focuses on:

Selecting the right models for the right workloads

Taking advantage of tiered pricing plans

Using data to drive the choice of AWS services

Implementation of intelligent auto-scaling

Re-platforming to make use of new architectural patterns such as serverless

Our Approach to Cloud Cost Optimization

We approach cloud cost optimization across five pillars that includes:

Right Sizing (Cheapest Instance / Best Performance)

Increase Elasticity (Auto Scaling)

Right pricing model (Saving Plans, Reserved Instances, Spot instances)

Optimize storage by matching usage to storage class

Optimizing Mechanism to govern and manage the above four pillars


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