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With expertise in DevOps consulting and AWS Automation services, our engineers are dedicated to assisting companies in implementing continuous integration and deployment automation using Infrastructure as Code (IaC). By reducing human errors and manual control, our automation services help businesses optimize team productivity.

Avahi’s team of AWS certified cloud engineers can help you design and maintain cloud production systems using best practices and the latest technologies in monitoring, agile release management, incident management, continuous integration, and deployment.

Continuous Development

Managing application source code to automatically build, test, and deploy your application to the AWS environment.


Build and deploy a microservices architecture using containers or serverless computing to scale your code with high availability.

Infrastructure as Code

Provision, configure and manage your AWS infrastructure resources using code to monitor and enforce compliance.

Monitoring & Logging

Record logs to monitor application and infrastructure performance in near real-time to detect anomalies.

DevOps with AWS

Why Choose Avahi as your DevOps partner?

  • AWS Certified Partner and 100% AWS-focused practice.
  • An dedicated team of DevOps experts with deep expertise in automation.
  • We follow the best industry practices coupled with years of experience.
  • Provide cost-effective, client-focused DevOps and development services.
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Our Engagement Process

We can help you break down the barriers between your development and IT operations teams to deliver better software, faster, with higher quality, and at a lower cost.


Design and Planning

Our AWS DevOps expert analyzes applications, development workflows, application packaging, code repositories, and release process. Based on the assessment of internal process flows and industry best practices, we design DevOps workflow, security controls for DevOps, and the CI/CD implementation plan.


Project Review

Review the DevOps workflow and implementation plan with stakeholders to make sure that it aligns with business needs and long-term strategy. Decide on toolsets like CodePipeline, CodeDeploy, Ansible, and Puppet. Our cloud experts clearly define development goals, set milestones, and customize the strategy.



Our DevOps development team builds CI/CD pipelines, release management workflows, and automation scripts. We stand Dev and Quality Analysis environments using DevSecOps for validation and testing the container images. We arrange a pilot release to test the success of CI/CD pipelines and identify bottlenecks.


Implementation Process

After CI/CD pipelines pass the QA, they are deployed in the production. We document the entire configuration and workflow. A training session is conducted for your teams before handing over all the documents and Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Our CI/CD experts will be available to you for 15-day free-of-cost support post the date of deployment.

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