AWS Lambda is a serverless computer service that enables users to run code without provisioning or managing servers, creating workload-aware cluster scaling logic, maintaining event integrations, or managing runtimes. It is an essential part of the serverless architecture.


Amazon API Gateway is a fully managed service that makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale.

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Benefits of the service

Avahi combines API Gateway with Lambda and AWS IoT service to build comprehensive solutions, from delivering business intelligence applications to real-time monitoring platforms.


Precise scaling upon requisition, with the size of the workload

Cost Effective

Uses pay as you go model which creates sizable savings in cost

No Servers Build

Avoid the hassle of managing servers

High Availability

Resources are readily present at hand due to the highly available nature

Trigger other services

Seamlessly integrate with other AWS services through events

Detailed Monitoring

Monitor application activity such as API calls, latency, errors

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