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Retail – Amazon Connect Contact Center

Retail Contact Center Global Availability

Problem Statement

The customer was in need of a single platform to service all of their contact center needs globally across (4) countries. They system needed to be highly available, provide local number access and be simple to manage.

What Was Proposed?

Amazon Connect was proposed as the core platform to support their customers calls along with a number of other AWS services. Leveraging the AWS Connect system as a single routing solution for customer calls and then using other AWS services like Lambda, Transcribe and Athena to meet other business requirements needed by the customer.


Based around AWS Connect a number of key services were used. Using AWS Connect the customer was able to handle customer calls, using S3 for storage of all logs and recordings, using Athena to expose data. AWS Connect was able to support all of the countries required which were USA, CAN, India and UK.


Below is the architecture diagram of solution designed by Avahi’s cloud experts.

The customer required Advanced Reporting based on the limited reporting functionality in AWS Connect. As a part of the project, the CTR records were flattened and normalized, then exposed as ODBC using Athena. The flattening is required, so users do not have to use SQL queries to remove the JSON files’ nesting. Customers choose Excel as their reporting tool. The reporting normalization included both CTR records from AWS and omnichannel report data from Kustomer.

Advanced CTI using the integration between AWS Connect and Kustomer allowed the agent to see a complete interaction history based on CTI delivered to the agent.

Timeline of Project

Avahi completed the project in 2 phases. The first phase was to migrate all users to Amazon Connect and integrate with Kustomer. Second phase was to make all of the data from both Connect and Kustomer available to be reported on as needed by a 3rd party tool. Phase one was deployed and live in less than 30 days, with some non-critical items finished after the initial timeline.

Business Outcome

The customer now has an integrated Kustomer / Connect omnichannel contact center solution that can scale as needed while providing the required reporting data.

Lessons Learned

The most significant challenge faced during the deployment was the number porting related to India. India has extra challenging steps in moving numbers from 1 carrier to another.

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