Ignite The Possibilities Of Generative Ai On Aws

Customers are invited to attend a half-day online seminar to help them learn the foundations of generative AI, understand the technologies behind its rapid adoption, and come away with the knowledge to ignite their journey towards adoption.

We explore specific AWS technologies like Amazon Bedrock, Titan, and CodeWhisperer, along with introductions to SageMaker Jumpstart, Trainium, and Inferentia2.

Customers need to know how and why AWS is a leader in democratizing the adoption of generative AI and the services and tools it can ignite them on a journey of transforming business.

What can attendees expect for the workshop:

  • The evolution of generative AI from massive amounts of data collected and used to train Large Language Models (LLM), through today’s Foundational Models.
  • Ethical considerations
  • How Foundational Models are transforming business, organizations and government
  • Understanding of the core technologies driving GenAI rapid adoption.
  • The AWS services helping to drive the democratization of GenAI
    • Amazon Bedrock and Titan CodeWhisperer.
    • SageMaker Jumpstart, and Trainium and Inferentia2.
  • Identify use case(s) and demonstrate the AWS Services to help achieve
    early success.
  • A clear path forward to a PoC engagement.

GenAI Explorer PoC Engagement

Avahi will implement a customized GenAI foundation quick start designed to aid the customer with exploring the art of the possible using AWS managed GenAI services… Core Technologies Focus:

Use Cases:

GenAI Explorer:

GenAI Jumpstart
Pre-production Engagement

Avahi works with the customer to identify their use case, refine a scope of work, build and deploy using AWS native services. The GenAI Jumpstart is designed for the customer looking to achieve next level of adoption of generative AI using their own data to train against a foundational model… Core Technologies Focus:

Use Cases:

GenAI Explorer:

AWS CodeWhisperer
PoC Engagement

Core Technologies Focus:

How to get started With Avahi
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Identify Opportunities for your business:

Provide Foundational Knowledge:


We like to share our knowledge, experiences from building solutions, insights, and perspectives from being a cloud-first consulting firm.

Avahi is an AWS Advanced APN partner focused exclusively on building innovative solutions on AWS. Avahi was founded by former Amazonians, all with in-depth knowledge of AWS core principles, best practice frameworks, and customer engagement models.
  • AI-ML (GenAI)
  • Database modernization
  • Migrations: on-perm to AWS | GCP to AWS, Azure to AWS and Oracle to AWS
  • Data and Analytics 
  • DevOps
  • Well-Architected
  • We have and continue to work closely with Stability.ai on several projects and PoCs
  • Migration of FM model inference to AWS
  • Containerization of FM using Amazon ECS
  • Private hosting of the Stability FM model in AWS and model training using customer data in a HiTrust environment
  • Recently delivered a successful  PoC for a customer using Amazon HealthScribe, comparing its’ viability with traditional Amazon Transcribe in
  • Working with the AWS CodeWhisperer team on developing and delivering customer-facing workshops and PoCs for CodeWhisperer
  • Ingition GenAI Workshop
  • Ignition Explorer GenAI PoC
  • Ignition – AWS CodeWhisperer
  • Ignition Jumpstart Engagement (pre-production)
Customer Response Outcome
We’re focused on current initiatives but would like to explore its possibilities… Our partner, Avahi, can set up a call to address your question and explain.. Pre-qualified use case and a path to engagement
Free to the customer – projected MRR/ARR is an outcome
We’re evaluating specific use cases but need more help choosing the right model Avahi, our partner, has the experience and knowledge to help you responsibly make these decisions… Engage knowing the customer’s best fit will likely be Avahi’s Ignition PoC typical four weeks Increases the likelihood the customer will reach maturity, and the solution will make it to market
Our company is currently running a PoC but needs to understand how to securely integrate our proprietary data into the equation prior to introducing GenAI into production Our partner, Avahi, has the experience to help you understand how to accomplish this using AWS best practice frameworks.. The best fit for this type of customer will likely be Avahi’s Ignition Jumpstart.High probably this will generate significant MRR/ARR
We would like to see how effective GenAI can be for our developers Avahi, one of our partners has develop a PoC that helps customers do just that.. CodeWhisperer PoC
We’ve conducted successful PoCs with our own data and are ready to move to production, but we’re having trouble understanding how to deploy at-scale Avahi, one of our partners, has worked with customers to design and cost-optimize your model inference and the ongoing MLOps environment This is an engagement at-scale and represents the opportunity for significant MRR/ARR
  • Workshops – traditionally ½ day online events. Customers can schedule 1on1 onsite workshops if applicable
  • QuickStart PoCs
  • AWS Marketplace
  • AWS Partner Portal ACE
  • Traditional marketing channels: Email | Social Media | SEO